Hypnosis for Lovers – Intro Evening & 2-Day Course

Hypnosis for Lovers Introduction Evening

Welcome to the ultimate combination of HYPNOSIS & TANTRA
to enhance your lovemaking experiences!

During this fun, exploratory, and sacred evening, you will learn about the unique and powerful two-day Hypnosis for Lovers Course coming up in Phoenix on January 26 and 27th, presented by famous Las Vegas stage hypnotist Richard Anthony, and well known Phoenix tantra teacher and sex therapist Diana Owens. By the end of the evening, you will have beginning skills of how to use Tantra and hypnotism in a powerful complementary way to deepen intimacy with your lover and open to new, erotic and exotic ways of lovemaking. This event is open to singles and couples. There will be no nudity or explicit sexual contact during this event. Dress comfortably and beautifully for this and prepare to become even more fully your own best lover and a superlative love-maker. The program will be held at Kharma Life Center, 700 W. Campbell Ave. Unit 1, Phoenix Az. 85013 on Thursday January 24th from 7:45PM-9:45PM. Facilitators will be Diana Owens LCSW, and Richard Anthony, Hypnotist.

WHEN: Intro Evening: Thursday January 24th from 7:45PM-9:45PM
(Two-day class will follow on January 26th and 27th, see details below)

WHERE: Kharma Life Center, 700 W. Campbell Ave, Unit 1, Phoenix AZ 85013

COST: $15 per person (for the intro class… for 2-day class details, see below)

WHO: Singles and Couples

WHAT: Bring a blanket or cushion to sit on. This will be a fully clothed event. Dress comfortably and beautifully, no explicit sexual activity required or suggested

FACILITATORS: Diana Owens, LCSW, sex therapist, psychotherapist and tantra teacher, and Richard Anthony, Hypnotist

TO REGISTER: RSVP to Diana at: lovingwaydiana@gmail.com , or text her at 928-710-6661



The ultimate combination of HYPNOSIS & TANTRA
to enhance your lovemaking experiences!

WHEN: Saturday, January 26 (10-6PM), and Sunday, January 27, (10 -5pm)

WHERE: Private home near North 28th street and Shea Boulevard. Address given when you register.

TUITION:  Singles $150, Couples $300; limited to 20 people

$125 per person/ $250 per couple

FACILITATORS: Diana Owens LCSW, Tantra teacher and Sex Therapist and Richard Anthony, Hypnotist

TO REGISTER: and for more information: Call or text Diana at 928-710-6661

WHO: Singles and Couples are encouraged to attend who want to increase their love, sexual pleasure and desire, resolve blocks and lose inhibitions and support their partner to do the same! You will learn how to use basic hypnosis techniques to relax, let go, heighten your intimacy, sensuality and arousal and deepen your ability to explore your partner’s body like never before, as well as increasing your own pleasure for a mind-blowing orgasmic experience.

If you do not have a partner, we will match you with another participant in the course so you can practice the exercises. There will be no nudity or explicit sexual contact during this program. Bring a blanket, a pillow to sit on and a water bottle.

* Attendees will receive:
* Books
* Hypnosis Skills to take home and apply right away
* Hypnosis Scripts
* Intimacy Practices to deepen love, trust and openness with each other

During this  Hypnosis For Lovers course, which is being offered for only the second time in Phoenix, you will learn how hypnotism and tantra complement one another, as well as specific skills you can share with your lover. Experience the mind-blowing difference this course can make in your love life! You will leave feeling excited about your new skills and understanding, more in love with your partner than ever before, and passionate about the possibilities of deepening and expanding your lovemaking into amazing realms of pleasure and bliss.


(Phoenix Participants, June 2017)
David:  Amazing, magical results!  Hypnosis may not be magic, however, this workshop is!  The name Hypnosis For Lovers peaked my interest. And while I was in a hypnotic state, my chronic shoulder pain was non-existent. Oh, and my lover and I have found other enjoyable uses too! (Wink-wink)
Kellen: Thank you so much for an amazing weekend! It really was great for my wife and me.
Tiffany: It was an absolute life-changing course for us. It changed everything about the way we relate to each other. I’ve never felt more safe. It meant the world to us!
Diana: The Hypnosis For Lovers workshop changed my life. Not only was I able to hypnotize my partner to develop more confidence as a lover and share great sex with me, I was also able to use the hypnosis skills I learned to clear a lot of personal blocks. This program is for every adult who wants a great life!











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