Book: Soulful Sex

soulful-sex-book-coverSoulful Sex: Weaving Sex, Love and Spirit into Everyday Life

Drawing upon her three decades as a certified sex therapist and using a deftly winsome interviewing style, Diana’s conversations with experts in the field of sacred sexuality brilliantly illustrate the potential we all have for transformation.

Through personal stories and easy to follow exercises, she paves a way for us all to honor our precious sexual (Life) energy, and continue to grow into more intimacy, joy and love.

“A great, fascinating, inspiring book. A must read for those who love soulful sex and sacred space.”
~ Margot Anand

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Soulful Sex Workbook: Creative Play Exercises

The Creative Play Exercises in the Soulful Sex Workbook are designed to help you learn how to integrate love, sex, and spirit into your everyday life. Let the exercises guide you and be a springboard for launching your own soulful creativity about yourself and your own love life.

  • Exercises for the Spirit
  • Exercises of Love
  • Partner Exercises
  • Exercises in Sexuality
  • Orgasmic Bliss Exercises
  • Exercises to Weave Sex, Love and Spirit into Everyday Life

Softcover $14.95
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