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Heart To Heart Connection With Like-Minded Others


A Tantra Community of Growthful, Conscious People who want to use their sexuality to deepen their loving, increase their intimacy, expand their bliss, and heighten their consciousness.

To join, please visit this page again in June 2019.

Blessings on your journey!

Tantra Talk Radio

A delectable mix of interviews with experts in the field of sacred sexuality and call-in questions with practical answers about your relationship, your sex life, and integrating love and spirituality.

With special guests Margot Anand, Suzie Heumann, Steve & Lokita Carter, Gaia Reblitz, and more!

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Book & Home Study Course: Soulful Sex

A home study course of sexual liberation.

This is a personal course you can take in the privacy of your home that takes you through the entire journey of Diana’s 1st book, Soulful Sex, with a variety of audio-visual aides including 3 private phone sessions with Diana. The course package includes a plethora of CD’s containing in-depth interviews with the world’s leading experts in Sacred Sexualty.

Call now for a free 15 minute consultation with Diana to help you decide if this course is right for you:


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